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Rules of "Ready Golf"

To assist you in keeping your position on the course and maintaining an optimal pace of play, please follow the helpful guidelines outlined below.

On the tee

  1. The player who is ready should hit. (This is especially helpful when two walk and two ride and there is considerable distance from green to tee).
  2. Shorter hitters should hit first.
  3. Tee-off as soon as the group ahead is clear. Watch each others tee shots to help minimize time spent looking for lost balls.
  4. If you don't bring your bag to the tee, carry an extra ball in your pocket.

Thru the green

  1. Hit when ready and safe---do not rely on the honor system.
  2. Take appropriate clubs to your ball and hit without delay.
  3. All players should watch their fellow competitor's shots to the green.
  4. Proceed directly to your next shot as soon as it is safe.
  5. Limit search for lost balls to less than five minutes.

On the green

  1. Place your bag or cart between the green and the next tee. Never leave golf bags in front of green, if possible.
  2. Study your putt while others are putting. Watch how other players' putts roll to the hole---even if not on the same line.
  3. The first player to hole out should pick up the pin and be ready to replace it when the last player has holed out.
  4. Continue putting until holed out.
  5. Leave the green immediately after holing out and proceed to the next tee. Mark your scorecard after you're off the green.

On par 3 greens

Upon reaching the green, if the group in front of you is waiting to hit on the next tee, stand in a safe area and have the group behind you hit up.

Cart golf

When driving a cart, drop your partner at his ball then continue to yours. When dropped off at your ball from a cart, select one more and one less club than you think you'll need before the driver proceeds to his ball.

Remember, slow play effects everyone. Your efforts to improve the pace of play at Topstone will result in more enjoyable rounds for us all. Thank you.

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